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List of Ongoing RSC-DCPPAI Projects

No. Name of Projects
1 Screening of Parents for Clonal Forestry & Hybridization for Higher Productivity in Eucalyptus.
Executing Agency : IPMA – FRI – SPM - CPPRI
2 Demonstration of Ozone Treatment Technology for Indigenous Raw Material Pulp at Pilot Scale
Executing Agency : CPPRI
3 Study on delignification of agro residue raw materials using Deep Eutectic Solvents or/and ionic liquids.
Executing Agency : CPPRI – ACIRD
4 A Synergistic and Economical Approach for Treatment of Pulp &Paper Mill Effluent System Using Microbes and Fly ash Nano Particle to Achieve Minimum / Zero Waste Discharge.
Executing Agency : CPPRI
5 Studies on alternate auto – causticization process for conventional &non conventional chemical recovery system.
Executing Agency : CPPRI
6 Land application of treated effluent from paper mills and evaluation of its impact on soil & ground water properties crop productivity.
Executing Agency : CPPRI – IARI
7 Biopolymeric Approach for improvement of mechanical and Barrier Properties of packaging paper/paperboard through surface application.
Executing Agency : CPPRI
8 Bacterial cellulose production for diverse application in pulp & paper sector.
Executing Agency : CPPRI
9 Creation of Testing Facilities for Food packaging Paper & Board and Development of Testing Protocol for Microbial Property.
Executing Agency : CPPRI
10 A review study of ITC-HS classification for writing and printing grade of paper.
Executing Agency : CPPRI
11 Census Survey of the Indian Paper Industry
Executing Agency : CPPRI