Development Council for Pulp Paper & Allied Industries
Development Council for Pulp Paper & Allied Industries Development Council for Pulp Paper & Allied Industries
Development Council for Pulp Paper & Allied Industries Development Council for Pulp Paper & Allied Industries
Development Council for Pulp Paper & Allied IndustriesDevelopment Council for Pulp Paper & Allied Industries
Development Council for Pulp Paper & Allied IndustriesRSC-DCPPAI (Cess) Project Reports News Bulletin
Development Council for Pulp Paper & Allied Industries

1. Download Report on Ecological & Environmental Factors in Paper Indusrty Vol I   CPPRI

2. Download Report on Ecological & Environmental Factors in Paper Industry Vol II  CPPRI

3. Download Report on Ecological & Environmental Factors in Paper Industry Vol III CPPRI

4. Download Report on Ecological & Environmental Factors in Paper Industry Vol IV  CPPRI

5. Download Report on Ecological & Environmental Factors in Paper Industry Vol V    CPPRI

6. Download Study on Sustained Fibre Availability for Paper Industry: Experience Of Other Developing Countries   CPPRI

7. Download Report on Biobleaching: Enzymatic Colour Removal from Pulp   CPPRI

8. Download Consolidated Report on Alkaline Peroxide Mechanical Pulp from Populus Deltoides   CPPRI

9. Download Report On Data for Amendment in stiffness specifications for different Paper Grades under BIS Standards   CPPRI

10. Download Report On Evaluation & Improvement of Surface Properties of Newsprint Manufactured from Recycled Fibres    CPPRI

11. Download Report on Calibration Intralaboratory Quality Assessment in Pulp and Paper & Allied Industries    CPPRI

12. Download Report On Improving Filler Loading in the Papers Manufactured from Indigenous Fibrous Raw Materials   CPPRI

13. Download Report on Development of Computer Simulation Programme for Conservation of Water in
      Pulp & Paper Industry by Recycling of Wastewater   CPPRI

14. Download Report on Enzymatic Improvement in Drainability of the Wire parts in Paper Machine   CPPRI

15. Download Report on Energy Performance Evaluation and Optimisation in Pulp & Paper Industry   CPPRI

16. Download Report on Updating of Statistical Data for the Indian Paper Industry   CPPRI

17. Download Report on Water Conservation in Pulp and Paper Industry   CPPRI

18. Download Report Of Workshop on Frontier Technologies addressed under Cess Funded projects   CPPRI

19. Download Report on Utilisation of Treated Effluent from Agro-based Paper Mills for Crop Irrigation   CPPRI

20. Download Report on Studies on Benchmarking/Input Norms For Pulp And Paper Industry   CPPRI

21. Download Report on Secondary Sludge Treatment and Disposal in Pulp & Paper Industry   CPPRI

22. Download Report on Demonstration of Enzymatic Preableaching in a Pulp & Paper Mill   CPPRI

23. Download Project Report on Colour and TDS Removal from ECF Bleach Plant Effluent   CPPRI

24. Download Report on Preparation of Monograph of Different Fibrous Raw Materials used by Indian Paper Industry   CPPRI

25. Download Report on Detoxification Of Bleach Plant Effluent For Recycle and Reuse   CPPRI

26. Download Report on Feasibility Studies on Color Removal from Mechanical Pulping Effluents   CPPRI

27. Download Final Report on Availability & utilization of Waste Paper    CPPRI

28. Download Report on Efficacy of ECF and TCF Bleaching Process on Wheat Straw,Bagasse,Bamboo and Eucalyptus Pulps   CPPRI

29. Download Report on Technological Treatment of Waste Paper for Better Utilization   CPPRI

30. Download Report on Use of Xylanase and Ancillary Enzymes for Prebleaching of Kraft Pulp(Phase-1 Activities)   CPPRI

31. Download Study on Socio-Economic Impact of Agro Residue Mills   CPPRI

32. Download Report on Utilization of Lime Sludge for Value added products and Productivity Enhancement of Lime Kilns   CPPRI

33. Download Report on Participation of Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute in Asian Paper 2004   CPPRI

34. Download Report on Oxygen Bleaching Study for Agro Based Paper Mills   CPPRI

35. Download Report on Identification of Suitable Clonal Propagated Hardwood for Higher Pulp Yield Optimum chemical Consumption
for Pulping and Suitability for Mass Multiplication with Required Advantages   CPPRI

36. Download Project Report on Identificaton Colonal Multiplication and Microbial association of Leucaena Hybrids Compared to
Eucalyptus and Acacia Hybrids for Optimizing Land Productivity    CPPRI

37. Download Report on Background & Technological Trends in Indian Paper Industry(VOL-2)   CPPRI

38. Download Final Report on Global Copetitiveness of the Indian Paper Industry   CPPRI

38(a). Download Additional Pages of the report Global Competitiveness for Indian Paper Industry by Jaakko Poyry   CPPRI

39. Download Studies on Use of Wild Sugarcane for Pulping and Paper Making Commercial and Technical Feasibility   CPPRI

40. Download Report on Second Dissemination Workshop on Biotechnological Application of Enzymes for Making Paper Pulp from Green Jute Kenaf The Whole Plant   CPPRI

41. Download Report on Upgradation of Quality of Bagasse through Advance Depithing Process   CPPRI

42. Download Report on Implication of the WTO Tariff Proposals on Indian Paper and Newsprint Industry   CPPRI

43. Download Interection Meet on Biotechnology in Paper Industry A Fresh Look   CPPRI

44. Download Interaction Meet on Use of Recycled Fibre in Paper & Newsprint   CPPRI

45. Download Interaction meet on Environmental Impact of Toxic Substances Released in Pulp & Paper Industry   CPPRI

46. Download Draft Report on Demostration of Enzymatic Prebleaching in a Pulp & Paper Mill   CPPRI

47. Download Report on Understanding & Control of Pitch & Deposits in Pulp & Papermaking   CPPRI

48. Download Study on Optimization of agro Residues Baling and Collection   CPPRI

49. Download Report on Techno Economic Feasibility Report of A Central Chemical Recovery Plant of 240 TPD Pulp Production for Kashipur Region (U.P.)   CPPRI

50. Download Training Programme on Pulping, Bleaching & Pulp Quality 2 - 5 December 2002   CPPRI

51. Download Training Programme on Waste Paper Recycling & Energy Conservation 12th 16th April 2003   CPPRI

52. Download Training Programme on Chemical Recovery & Enviromental Management 1 - 4 November 2003   CPPRI

53. Download Training Programme Utilization of Agro - Residue Fibres in Indian Paper Industry   CPPRI

54. Download 5th Cess Training Programme on Sizing & Coating   CPPRI

55. Download 6th Cess Training Prooramme on Calibration & Testing Methods   CPPRI

56. Download 7th Cess Training Programme on Biotechnological applications & environmental Management in Pulp & Paper Industry   CPPRI

57. 8th Cess Training Programme on Maintenance & Saftey Aspects in Pulp & Paper Industry   CPPRI

58. Development of High ash paper to reduce fiber input as well as cost   CPPRI

59. Development of hight fibre erianthus arundinaceua (wild-cane) clones as alternate souce of fibrous raw materail for pulp and paper industry   CPPRI

60. Fiber Modification with Enzymes - Final Report   CPPRI

61. Management of emerging pests-eucalyptus- classical biological control of eucalyptus gall wasp leptocybe invasa fisher & la salle   CPPRI

62. Optimization of alkine sizing to reduce the sizing cost   CPPRI

63. Bio-Chemical Abatement of Pollution load in waste water to meet the future stringent norms for small pulp & paper mills    CPPRI

64. Rapid Improvment of Casuarina and Leucaena to Enhance Pulp Wood Production from Farm Forestry Plantations    CPPRI

65. Achievement of highest Brightness and Whtieness in Paper in a Cost Effective Manner Through Selective Addition of OWA at Wet-end and Size Press    CPPRI

66. Improvement in Selectivity of Oxygen Bleaching    CPPRI

67. Increase in Brightness Celling of Agro Residue Pulps in Cost Effective Manner Specifically for Wheat Straw    CPPRI

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